Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cuddly Kiwi has a Welsh Christmas

Cuddly Kiwi our travel pet from Moturoa Classroom at Appleby School near Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand.
since he has been with us he has visited many pupils houses, and has been on visits with them.
For Christmas he has gone home with Mr Harrington to spend his Christmas in Maesygwartha and beyond. He started his vacation by going to The Leisure Village in Cardiff on Christmas Eve. He went to the cinema the see Happy Feet, this made him feel a little homesick as most of the action takes place with the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica.
Following his trip to the cinema he went to the Holywood Bowl Bowling Centre where he watched some rather under par games of pool before watching a mammoth bowling session won by Grandma Jean ( a champion Green Bowler).

Cuddly Kiwi is seen here enjoying a cool drink before the action began.

Cuddly Kiwi gets into the Bowling Action.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, Kiwi is certainly looking forward to this special day, so look out for more photographs tomorrow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What excellently good fun. He had a great day out and it isn't even Christmas yet. He was very lucky to get to see Happy Feet. I so want to go and see it myself.

Bowling is lots of fun. We used to have a bowling place in Nelson but it closed down for some reason.

Did you know that I sometimes play lawn bowls as well? I could play a game with Grandma Jean!

Thanks for taking good care of Cuddly Kiwi. Keep warm.

We are off to the beach for a picnic.

Miss K, Nelson, New Zealand

1:10 PM  

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